Our Management Team

Tahbah Benedict

Mr. Tahbah brings to bear over 10 years of industry experience ranging from operations to commercial and general management departments. Prior to creating TMS in 2005 and leading it to the success story that it is today, he worked for MBEGA et Fils and GMC. He is responsible for general corpotate policy and management oversight.

Mutop Cletus

Mr. Mutop brings to TMS 8 years of industry at the management level. Prior to joining TMS, he served as Chief of Maritime Operations, FADIMEX SARL; Chief of HSE, BARAKAT SARL; and Operations Manager, CLEBERG GROUP SARL, all in Douala. He is in charge of the general cordination of operations and the finetuning of the rendering of all services and deliveries.

Celestine Chu

Rev. Celestine Chu is a seasoned Business Development Expert with 8 years experience in developing economies. He joined TMS from Sierra Leone where he worked as National Coordinator of People’s Agenda for Poverty Alleviation (PAPA) and CEO, Change Ltd. At TMS he primarily explores fresh avenues for business as well as better ways of doing what we do.

John Stepney

John Stepney is a Business Consultant and project Development Manager based in Cameroon, West Africa.  With many years of professional experience in the UK, Spain and Africa, Mr. Stapney has been mainly active in the petrochemical, agricultural and mining sectors, with special emphasis on project development, lobbying, technical sales strategy and legal and financial due diligence, including corporate management for project development companies. He has worked for the petrochemical company Don & Low plc of Scotland and subsequently for both Shell UK and Montsanto as they successively took it over as a wholly-owned subsidiary. At TMS he also explores fresh avenues for business as well as better ways of doing what we do.

Anwei Arrete

Anwei Arrete is an enthusiastic human resources manager. She is renowned for her sharp intellect and empathy and has since proved to be an indispensable hand.

Kum Theodre

Mr. Kum Theodre has over 10 years’ experience in general administration. He is renowned for his integrity, respect for the rule of law and empathy. He is in charge of internal organisation.

Gabin-Mary Meysongho

Mr. Gabin-Mary has 4 years’ experience in the industry in relation to General Administration, Human Resources and Accounts Management. He has a background in law and advises on general legal matters